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Christmas Seafood - Pack 1 - "The Classic"

Christmas Seafood - Pack 1 - "The Classic"


Pack 1 - "The Classic" - $100.00 Dive into the ocean's bounty with "The Classic" seafood pack! Savour the rich flavours and premium quality of our carefully selected assortment:

  • 1Kg Blue Salmon: Experience the melt-in-your-mouth texture of our fresh Blue Salmon, known for its vibrant color and exquisite taste.
  • 1 kg Cooked Banana Prawns (Ungraded): Delight in these succulent prawns, cooked to perfection, offering a sweet and tender bite.
  • 1 Doz Plate-sized Oysters: Indulge in a dozen of our freshest oysters, each a tantalising taste of the sea. 1
  • 1 Kg Moreton Bay Bugs: Discover the unique and delicate flavour of Moreton Bay Bugs, a true gourmet delight.

Elevate your dining experience with this luxurious selection from the deep blue!

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