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Leeuwin Coast Akoya - Doz Bag

Leeuwin Coast Akoya - Doz Bag


Introducing Exquisite Albany Akoya!

Dive into a unique gastronomic journey with our Akoya, meticulously grown in the crystal-clear, salty waters of the Southern Ocean off the coast of Albany. This environment crafts a distinct, crisp flavour profile, setting our Akoya apart from the rest.

🌊 Taste Profile: Savor the unparalleled blend of abalone’s richness, oyster’s brininess and minerality, complemented by the underlying sweetness of scallop. Each bite promises a burst of oceanic flavors, a true testament to Albany’s pristine waters.

✨ Visual Delight: Served in a stunning pearlescent shell, our Akoya is not just a treat for the palate but a feast for the eyes, making your dining experience truly memorable.

💚 Sustainable & Versatile: Committed to sustainability, our Akoya is a responsible choice for every connoisseur. Its versatile nature allows it to be enjoyed cured, cooked, or raw, harmonizing with a myriad of flavors to suit your culinary desires.

🌟 Innovative Farming: Traditionally treasured for pearls, our groundbreaking aquaculture practices have transformed this gem into an exceptional shellfish delicacy, offering a taste influenced by the unspoiled environment of Albany.

Discover the uniqueness of our Akoya – an exquisite addition to every chef’s menu and a delightful experience for diners seeking something extraordinary. Order now and let the flavours of the Southern Ocean enchant your senses!

Leeuwin Coast Akoya - Doz Pack (12 Units)

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