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Christmas Seafood - Pack 2 - The Deluxe

Christmas Seafood - Pack 2 - The Deluxe


Christmas Seafood Pack 2 - "The Deluxe" - $180.00 Celebrate the festive season with "The Deluxe", a sumptuous seafood collection curated for an unforgettable Christmas feast:

  • 1Kg NT Blue Salmon: Revel in the luscious flavor of top-quality Blue Salmon from Northern Territory, perfect for any holiday table.
  • 500g Pre-packed NT Barramundi: Enjoy the delicate, buttery taste of Northern Territory Barramundi, a crowd-pleasing favorite.
  • 1 Doz Standard-sized SA Oysters: Savor the fresh, briny goodness of a dozen South Australian Oysters, each a bite of oceanic bliss.
  • 1 kg Cooked Banana Prawns (Ungraded): Indulge in these juicy, cooked Banana Prawns, bringing a sweet and tender texture to your feast.
  • 600-700g Green Endeavour Prawns: Taste the unique flavor of Green Endeavour Prawns, known for their rich, savory taste.
  • 700-800g TAS Cray Lobster: Experience luxury with Tasmanian Cray Lobster, renowned for its succulent meat and exquisite taste.

"The Deluxe" is your ticket to a spectacular, seafood-filled Christmas celebration!

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