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Christmas Seafood - Pack 3 - The Extravaganza

Christmas Seafood - Pack 3 - The Extravaganza


Christmas Seafood Pack 3 - "The Extravaganza" - $300.00 Step into a world of luxurious seafood with "The Extravaganza", a lavish collection designed to make your Christmas feast unforgettable:

  • 1 Kg NT Blue Salmon: Delight in the rich, smooth flavors of Northern Territory Blue Salmon, a staple for any gourmet celebration.
  • 500g Pre-packed NT Barramundi: Taste the fine, flaky texture of Northern Territory Barramundi, a true delight for fish connoisseurs.
  • 3Kg Box RAW King Tiger Prawns: Dive into a generous 3kg box of raw King Tiger Prawns, known for their impressive size and exceptional taste.
  • 200g Medium RAW Tiger Prawn Cutlets: Sample the exquisite taste of raw Tiger Prawn Cutlets, a perfect blend of texture and flavor.
  • 1 Doz Standard SA Oysters: Enjoy the natural, fresh taste of a dozen South Australian Oysters, each offering a burst of the ocean's essence.
  • 1 Doz WA Akoya: Discover the unique flavour of Western Australian Akoya, a rare treat for seafood enthusiasts.
  • 1kg Moreton Bay Bugs: Relish the delicate, sweet taste of Moreton Bay Bugs, a luxurious addition to any festive spread.

"The Extravaganza" is the epitome of seafood indulgence, crafted to bring joy and opulence to your Christmas dining experience!

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