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Christmas Seafood - Pack 5 - The Gourmet Selection

Christmas Seafood - Pack 5 - The Gourmet Selection


Christmas Seafood Pack 5 - "The Gourmet Selection" Unveil the essence of festive luxury with "The Gourmet Selection", a premium seafood assortment crafted for the ultimate Christmas indulgence:

  • 1Kg NT Blue Salmon: Experience the sublime taste of Northern Territory Blue Salmon, renowned for its rich flavor and silky texture. 
  • 1 Dozen Standard SA Oysters: Delight in the fresh, briny charm of South Australian Oysters, each offering a pure taste of the sea.
  • 1 kg Cooked Banana Prawns (Ungraded): Relish the succulence of these deliciously cooked Banana Prawns, a crowd-pleasing favorite.
  • 1kg Moreton Bay Bugs: Savor the delicate, sweet meat of Moreton Bay Bugs, a luxurious addition to any gourmet spread.
  • 1/2 Doz 10/20 Scallops: Dive into the lusciousness of these large, plump Scallops, perfect for grilling or sautéing.
  • Uncle Moes Hot Little Asian Seafood Sauce: Spice up your dishes with this zesty Asian Seafood Sauce, adding an exciting flavor twist.
  • Truffle Ponzu Japanese Style Dipping Sauce (155ml): Enhance your seafood with this sophisticated Truffle Ponzu Sauce, offering a unique blend of umami and truffle notes.
  • Lemon Pepper Seasoning: Complete your culinary creations with this classic Lemon Pepper Seasoning, adding a zingy, peppery edge.

"The Gourmet Selection" is not just a seafood pack; it's an invitation to a culinary journey, blending traditional flavours with exotic condiments for a truly memorable Christmas feast!

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