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Christmas Seafood - Pack 6 - The Ultimate Feast

Christmas Seafood - Pack 6 - The Ultimate Feast


Christmas Seafood Pack 6 - "The Ultimate Feast" - $300.00 Embark on a lavish culinary journey this festive season with "The Ultimate Feast", a premium seafood selection tailored for the most discerning palates: 

  • 1 Kg NT Blue Salmon: Delight in the luxurious taste of Northern Territory Blue Salmon, celebrated for its silky texture and rich flavor. 
  • 3Kg Box RAW King Tiger Prawns: Indulge in an abundant 3kg box of raw King Tiger Prawns, prized for their size and exquisite taste. 
  • 200g RAW Medium Tiger Prawn Cutlets: Enjoy the delicate, nuanced flavors of these raw Tiger Prawn Cutlets, perfect for elegant appetizers. 
  • ½ Dozen 20/30 Scallops: Savor the succulence of these large, plump Scallops, ideal for creating memorable gourmet dishes. 
  • 1 Dozen WA Akoya: Experience the unique taste of Western Australian Akoya, a rare and refined choice for seafood connoisseurs. 
  • 1kg Moreton Bay Bugs: Relish the sweet, tender meat of Moreton Bay Bugs, a luxurious and much-loved delicacy. 
  • Truffle Hot Sauce (150g): Elevate your dishes with this sophisticated Truffle Hot Sauce, adding a touch of heat and luxury.
  • Old Uncle Moe’s Hotter than Your Nan in 69 Hot Sauce: Turn up the heat with this boldly flavored hot sauce, sure to add an exciting kick to your feast.

"The Ultimate Feast" is designed to impress, offering a diverse array of the finest seafood complemented by unique sauces for an unforgettable Christmas dining experience!

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