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Christmas Seafood - Pack 7 - The Simple Pleasure

Christmas Seafood - Pack 7 - The Simple Pleasure


Christmas Seafood Pack 7 - "The Simple Pleasure"  Indulge in the joy of classic flavors with "The Simple Pleasure", a thoughtfully assembled seafood pack for a delightful Christmas celebration: -

  • 1 kg Cooked Banana Prawns (Ungraded): Enjoy the natural, sweet flavor of these beautifully cooked Banana Prawns, a true crowd-pleaser. 
  • ½ Dozen 10/20 Scallops: Experience the delicacy of perfectly sized Scallops, known for their buttery texture and rich taste. -
  • 1 Kg Moreton Bay Bugs: Savor the succulent meat of Moreton Bay Bugs, a gourmet treat that epitomizes the essence of fine seafood. -
  • Truffle Aioli (95g): Add a touch of elegance to your dishes with this luxurious Truffle Aioli, blending creamy richness with the subtle aroma of truffles.

"The Simple Pleasure" is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the timeless elegance of seafood, combined with a hint of gourmet flair for your festive dining.

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