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Old Uncle Moes - Original Recipe Marinade - 200ml

Old Uncle Moes - Original Recipe Marinade - 200ml



Discover the unparalleled taste of Old Uncle Moe's signature marinade - a perfect fusion for both mild and spicy aficionados. Infused with a harmonious blend of chilli, soy, garlic, and lime, every drop promises an exceptional flavour profile that intensifies with longer marination. For those craving an added kick, baste using the reserved marinade for an extra layer of heat.

Ideal for enhancing wings, ribs, and a variety of finger foods, this marinade is optimally crafted to complement the smoky nuances of charcoal grilling. Each 200ml bottle is expertly portioned to season up to 1kg of meat, ensuring a delectable culinary experience every time. Elevate your grilling game with Old Uncle Moe's market-leading marinade.

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